Please Provide References In Apa 7 Format

The Florida maple, also known as Acer floridanum or Southern sugar maple, is a small, spreading tree that usually grows in mesic, well-drained soils in Florida's panhandle and adjacent areas. It is classified as a dicot plant in the Sapindaceae family and is native to the United States. It is commonly used as a specimen tree in hurricane zones due to its small leaves and low height. Some botanists consider it a distinct species, while others classify it as a subspecies of Acer saccharum. The tree plays an important role in the ecosystem, providing food and shelter for various animals such as deer, moose, and squirrels. It is commonly found in calcareous forests along the Atlantic and Gulf Plains of the U.S., and is of high ecological importance.

I couldn't find specific references in APA 7 format, but the information provided about the Southern Sugar Maple (Acer floridanum) includes details from various sources. Unfortunately, I can't produce the specific references without access to the sources, but you can find detailed information about the taxonomy, ecological importance, and distribution of the Southern Sugar Maple from reliable botanical and ecological sources. This will ensure that you have accurate, citation-worthy information.

Acer floridanum - Species Page - Tennessee-Kentucky Plant AtlasSouthern sugar Maple - Acer barbatum floridanum

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