Please Provide Me A Statement Citing These Legislations And A

The text discusses the effectiveness and adequacy of whistleblower laws in different countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia. It also mentions the need for comprehensive whistleblower protection and the passage of legislation in Queensland to protect journalists and whistleblowers. The importance of protecting witnesses and the fight against corruption is also highlighted. Additionally, the text mentions a global study on whistleblower protection litigation and the recommendations for improving Australia's laws on corporate criminal responsibility.

It seems that specific prosecutions related to whistleblower protections in the mentioned jurisdictions are not readily available within the search results. However, historical cases might involve organizations or individuals found to have violated whistleblower protections within each jurisdiction.

For an official statement or specific cases of prosecutions, it would be best to refer to official government reports, legal databases, or reputable news sources for the most current and accurate information on prosecutions related to whistleblower protections in Australia, the USA, and under international laws.

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