Please Explain: Ye That Fear The Lord Praise Him." The

The text is a call to praise and fear the Lord for his mercy and responsiveness, as well as a recognition of the power and authority of God over all people, from the descendants of Jacob and Israel to those who are rich or will eventually die. The speaker is declaring that they will proclaim God's name to their brethren and urges all who fear the Lord to join them in praising and glorifying Him.

The passage is an exhortation for those who fear the Lord to praise and glorify Him. The speaker aims to emphasize the importance of revering God and honoring Him through praise and worship. It highlights the idea that a humble awe of God is a necessary prerequisite for praising Him, and that all saints should unite in the act of praising and glorifying God. Additionally, it stresses that the more we praise God, the more reverently we shall fear Him, and the deeper our reverence, the sweeter our songs of praise. The passage encourages all who fear the Lord to join in the act of glorifying Him through praise and worship.

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