Please Can You Share Full List Of The Shops

The text snippets describe the Glattzentrum shopping mall, located on the outskirts of Zurich, which is one of the most popular shopping centers in Switzerland. It offers a wide range of shopping opportunities with over 100 stores, 14 restaurants, and 1 medical center. The mall is known for its innovative shopping experience and also has 4500 free parking spaces. The design of the mall was done in cooperation with top stores such as Globus, Jelmoli, and Migros, and it boasts a rentable area of 90,000 square meters. It is also home to several bars and hosts events. Visitors can spend a whole day at the mall, and it is easily accessible from Zurich. In addition, visitors can also attend a sporting event or explore other activities in the surrounding area.

I couldn't find an exact and comprehensive list of all the shops at Glatt Shopping Centre in Zurich. However, the shopping center houses over 100 stores, including a diverse range of Swiss and international brands, as well as a variety of restaurants and amenities. These stores cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring visitors have a diverse and enjoyable shopping experience. If you need specific information about a certain type of store or brand within the shopping center, please feel free to ask!

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