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In the book "The Culture Cycle: How to Shape the Unseen Force that Transforms Performance," James Heskett explains the significance of corporate culture in organizational performance. He presents findings from field research and demonstrates how culture can drive innovation and act as an organization's internal brand. Heskett's "culture cycle" framework helps identify and analyze elements of culture and shows how it can either contribute to or hinder performance in different companies. The book also emphasizes the importance of nurturing and evolving culture for sustained success.

I currently do not have access to the specific content or diagrams in "The Culture Cycle" by James Heskett. However, I can provide general insights based on the principles of organizational culture and leadership.

Two essential elements in the cultural change cycle that leaders should address are "Values and Beliefs" and "Communication."

  1. Values and Beliefs: The values and beliefs of an organization form the foundation of its culture. These define what the organization stands for and guides the behavior of its members. It's crucial for the leader to assess and, if needed, renew these values and beliefs to ensure they align with the organization's vision and goals. Heskett's work likely supports the importance of core values and beliefs in shaping an organization's culture and its impact on performance.

  2. Communication: Effective communication is pivotal in any change process, particularly when it comes to cultural transformation. A leader must address communication within the organization, ensuring transparency, clarity, and consistency in conveying the cultural changes. This can include not only the formal channels of communication but also the informal networks that exist within the organization.

Given these points, "The Culture Cycle" likely presents real-world examples and case studies illustrating how the neglect of values and beliefs or ineffective communication can impede cultural change, as well as how a focus on these aspects can lead to successful cultural transformation.

I recommend consulting "The Culture Cycle" for specific examples and detailed insights that are in line with the questions raised. If you need further information or clarification, I would be happy to help in any other way.

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