Picutre Of Pectoral Of Osiris And Golden Cobra Collar Location

The text describes various artifacts found in ancient Egyptian tombs, including a cartouche of Osiris with two cobras at its base, a gold Scythian collar discovered in a burial site, and a golden collar in the shape of a falcon belonging to Tutankhamun. Other items mentioned include a ceremonial dagger, an Egyptian amulet for unification of spirit and body, and a woman's funerary ornament featuring the deities Wadjet and Nekhbet. The text also mentions a mummy wearing a usekh collar, pectoral ornament, and a falcon-headed mask. Finally, it describes a pectoral featuring the Udjat eye and goddess Nekhbet along with the depiction of Osiris and the four sons of Horus.

I couldn't find specific locations for the Pectoral of Osiris and the Golden Cobra collar through the search. If you are looking for the current location of these artifacts, it's advisable to contact reputable museums or academic institutions specializing in ancient Egyptian artifacts for accurate and updated information on their current exhibitions or displays.

MMA Egyptian Revival Gold Udjat Eye Horus Pectoral Pendant Necklace - 1976  Metropolitan Museum of Art Treasures of Tutankhamun ExhibitKing Tut

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