Picture Of Howard Carter's No. 256g Golden Cobra Collar

This text snippet discusses various artifacts found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, particularly a gold cobra collar. The collar is described as being in the possession of Howard Carter at one point, before being transferred to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and on display as Exhibition Number 312. Other items from the tomb have also ended up in museum collections, as shown by Gabolde. The collar is a piece of jewelry featuring a vulture and cobra design, also known as the Two Ladies Collar, and dates back to the reign of Tutankhamun from 1336-1327 BCE. It is a notable and famous artifact, and is mentioned in various documents such as the Handlist and Card/Transcription. The text snippet also briefly mentions some unrelated topics such as a Mariah Carey perfume and a Ford Fiesta car.

I couldn't find a specific image of Howard Carter's NO. 256g Golden Cobra collar; however, this artifact is a part of the collection at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and is known for its unique and historic significance. If you are looking for images, I recommend reaching out to museum archives or exploring reputable sources on ancient Egyptian artifacts.

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