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The song "23" by Chase Atlantic is about a 23-year-old girl who has been partying since she was 17 and struggles with low self-esteem. The song reflects the internal conflict between wanting freedom and craving something more meaningful. The lyrics also touch on themes of addiction, wanting to feel normal, and feeling stuck in extreme emotions. The song also explores the relationship between the band members Mitchel, Clinton, and Christian and their understanding of each other. The music video on TikTok shows content related to the song's meaning. Overall, the song is about the struggles of growing up and trying to navigate life's complexities.

The song "23" by Chase Atlantic delves into the experiences and struggles of a 23-year-old woman who has been immersed in the party scene since she was 17, highlighting her battle with low self-esteem. The lyrics convey a sense of conflict, exploring themes of addiction, the desire for normalcy, and feeling entrapped in intense emotions. Additionally, it delves into the relationships between the band members, adding depth to the song's meaning. Overall, the song portrays the challenges of coming of age and grappling with life's intricacies.

Chase Atlantic – 23 Lyrics | Genius LyricsChase Atlantic – 23 Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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