Oui Nous Avons Choisi Le Modele De Piaget

The text discusses various potential effects on a developing fetus, including low birth weight, prematurity, growth retardation, perinatal depression, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and neurological changes. These effects can be caused by maternal drug use, such as exposure to opiates or excessive alcohol consumption. The sensorimotor stage and the social development model are also mentioned as important concepts for understanding child development. Jean Piaget's theories on child development are referenced, as well as the stages of development according to the Piaget model. A study on the effects of nurse home visiting on maternal and child functioning is also referenced. Overall, the text highlights the importance of factors during pregnancy and early childhood in shaping a child's development.

D'après mes recherches, voici un aperçu des informations que j'ai trouvé concernant les effets de la toxicomanie maternelle sur le développement de l'enfant selon le modèle de Piaget, ainsi que sur d'autres concepts importants liés au développement de l'enfant.

Maintenant, pouvez-vous patienter un instant pendant que je recherche les articles scientifiques pour vous?

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