On The Xbox Fallout Four Is There A Mod That

The text describes a mod for the video game Fallout that changes the default maximum pickpocketing chance from 90% to 100%. This does not guarantee a 100% success rate for every pickpocket attempt, but raises the maximum chance to be 100%. The mod only affects pickpocketing and does not raise the minimum chance. It is available on Xbox and does not require any console commands. It also mentions that some NPCs cannot be pickpocketed and that raising the pickpocket chance too high can be considered cheating. Lastly, it explains that in Fallout 4, the maximum pickpocketing chance is 90% and cannot be increased with perks, bonuses, or item weight modifiers.

Yes, there is a mod available for the Xbox version of Fallout 4 that increases the pickpocketing success rate to a maximum of 100%. Keep in mind that this mod may alter game balance, and it's important to consider the impact on your gameplay experience.

Fallout 4 Mod Review Pickpocket 100%So, Ive always had trouble differentiating between strong and ...

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