On The Benevity Causes Portal I'm Able To Create Volunteer

Benevity's Causes Portal enables companies to easily connect with organizations and their employees, retirees, and customers. Through the portal, they can discover, volunteer for, and donate to various causes. Volunteer submissions are manually reviewed by Program Administrators and EFT data is securely submitted. Sponsorium offers support in multiple languages and allows companies to empower their employees to donate to organizations they care about. Spark provides a platform for global companies to connect their employees with over 2 million causes, creating volunteer opportunities that have a positive impact. Despite the increase in online volunteering opportunities, Benevity's Causes Portal remains a leading platform for companies looking to make a difference.

The Krimson Community Foundation can benefit from creating volunteer opportunities on the Benevity Causes Portal for IBM employees. When submitting these opportunities, it's essential to clearly outline the details and impact of each volunteer opportunity to encourage employees to sign up and earn credit from IBM. Here's a suggestion for the language that can be used for the submission:

Title: Empower the Krimson Community Foundation - Volunteer Opportunities for IBM Employees

Description: Dear IBM Employees,

We are thrilled to offer a range of impactful volunteer opportunities with the Krimson Community Foundation through the Benevity Causes Portal. By participating in these volunteer activities, you can make a direct and positive impact on our community while earning credit from IBM as part of your commitment to volunteerism and social responsibility.

Opportunities: [Provide a brief description of each volunteer opportunity, including the date, time, location (if applicable), and the type of work involved. Highlight the difference each opportunity can make within the community.]

How to Participate:

  1. Log in to your Benevity Causes Portal account.
  2. Navigate to the "Volunteer Opportunities" section.
  3. Select the opportunity that resonates with you and sign up to make a difference.
  4. Once you have completed the volunteer activity, ensure that your volunteer hours are accurately recorded to receive credit from IBM.

Your participation matters, and together, we can drive positive change within the Krimson Community Foundation. Thank you for joining us in making a difference.

[Insert contact information for any queries regarding the volunteer opportunities.]

By using this language, IBM employees can gain a clear understanding of the available volunteer opportunities and the process to earn credit from IBM.

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