On A Certain Sight seeing Tour, The Ratio Of The Number

The participation rate in visiting heritage sites is high among a certain group, while another group is more likely to join all-female tours for relaxation. In a nearby city, the rate of hysterectomies is significantly lower, potentially indicating a cultural difference. The book provides a "guided tour" of the highlights, focusing on women who make up a large proportion of the population. Additionally, the study found that a high proportion of tourists enjoy guided tours and would do so again. In another study, it was predicted that there would be a higher number of women in a city with lower rates of hysterectomies, potentially due to family ties. The logistic model combines birth and death rates, and research shows that factors such as illness and transportation can affect work attendance. Age also plays a role in transportation preferences, with younger individuals less likely to use public transportation.

Based on the information retrieved from the scholarly articles, the specific focus on the ratio of women to children on a sight-seeing tour and the number of men is not explicitly addressed.

We can examine the given statement related to the ratio of women to children and the ratio of children to men to solve the problem.

  1. Starting with statement (1), it provides the ratio of the number of children to the number of men. However, this alone does not give us the actual numbers of either children or men.

  2. Moving on to statement (2), it tells us that the number of women is less than 30. This also doesn't directly help us determine the number of men.

By combining both statements, we can use the ratios given in each statement, along with the incompletely known value of the number of women, to potentially establish the number of men and children.

Therefore, the correct answer is "BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient."

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