Omzet Van Duux

The Estimated Turnover Indicator is GraydonCreditsafe's estimation of the annual turnover for businesses who submit a financial statement. This interactive brand identity guide serves as one source of truth for all rules regarding Duux's brand identity. The results show an increase in Duux's turnover. In 2022, a custom-made WooCommerce webshop was created for Duux, a company that believes in promoting a clean and healthy living environment with their products. Events like Singles Day and Black Friday helped Duux achieve a high turnover. To increase their turnover, Duux applies their successful in-store sales strategies online. With a focus on meeting consumer needs, the managers at Duux are flexible and dedicated to driving sales for their brand. E-commerce Manager at Duux, Dennis Wessels, has successfully increased turnover for the company. Duux BV, with an annual turnover of €122.3 million, is expecting growth this year.

De geschatte jaaromzet van Duux BV bedraagt €122,3 miljoen. Het bedrijf heeft een snelle groei doorgemaakt en verwacht verdere groei in het komende jaar. Met hun focus op het bevorderen van een schone en gezonde leefomgeving met hun producten, hebben ze een aanzienlijke omzet kunnen realiseren.

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