Ocena Jakosci Powietrza Gdansk Srodmiescie Na Podstaiwe Rozporzadzenia Ministra Z

The text discusses various laws and regulations pertaining to air quality and the assessment of substances in the air in Poland. These regulations are based on the Act and Law on Air Quality, and the document includes information on the levels of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and various pollutants such as PM10 and PM2.5. The document also mentions the measurement of substances and meteorological parameters, as well as the classification of the Lower Silesia province for 2017. The text highlights the threat to public health posed by air pollution, with examples of energy production and agriculture as major sources. Finally, the document mentions the quality of air in the Zachodniopomorskie and Szczecin agglomeration areas.

Niestety, nie udało mi się znaleźć bezpośredniej odpowiedzi na ocenę jakości powietrza w Gdańsku Śródmieście na podstawie rozporządzenia ministra z 2012 roku dla PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NO2, Ni i Cd. Czy mogę pomóc w inny sposób?

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