Nursing Care Plan For School Age Child With Acute Glomerulonephritis

This text provides guidance for nurses caring for patients with acute glomerulonephritis, including information on assessment, diagnosis, interventions, and goal-setting. It also emphasizes the importance of individualized care and decision-making based on the practitioner's experience and knowledge.

I can help you with that. Let's start with the nursing diagnosis. For a child with Acute Glomerulonephritis, some of the appropriate nursing diagnoses would be:

  1. Fluid Volume Excess related to decreased glomerular filtration rate and sodium retention.
  2. Risk for Infection related to decreased immune response secondary to renal impairment.
  3. Activity Intolerance related to fatigue and weakness secondary to anemia and kidney dysfunction.

Short-term goal: To reduce fluid volume excess within 48-72 hours of nursing interventions.

Long-term goal: To restore normal fluid balance by the time of discharge.

Interventions and Rationale:

  1. Monitor daily weight, intake and output, and edema. This helps in assessing the fluid balance and guiding the need for diuretic therapy or fluid restriction.
  2. Administer prescribed diuretics as ordered. This helps in managing fluid overload by promoting diuresis and reducing edema.
  3. Encourage rest and limit physical activity. This helps in reducing metabolic demands and conserving energy, thereby minimizing the risk of fluid overload and fatigue.
  4. Teach the child and family about the importance of adhering to a low-sodium diet. This assists in preventing reabsorption of excess sodium and fluid, thereby helping in the management of fluid volume excess.

Evaluation: Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions by monitoring the child's weight, edema, and urine output. Assess the child's understanding of dietary restrictions and ability to comply with the prescribed regimen.

Please note that individual care plans may vary based on the specific needs of the child and should be developed in collaboration with the healthcare team.

Nursing Care Plan (NCP): Ultimate Guide & List [2023 Update ...Nursing Care Plan (NCP): Ultimate Guide & List [2023 Update ...

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