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The text discusses finding solutions for the equation cos(θ)=0.88 or cos(x)=0.88. It mentions the use of a cosine calculator and outlines the steps involved in solving the equation, including finding the reference angle and using it to find the solution in the given range. The text also mentions solving similar equations such as sin(x)=0.88 and sin(2x-30) = 0.5. It emphasizes on understanding the concept and provides a website for step-by-step solutions.

I apologize for the confusion. Let's solve the equation again.

First, we need to find the principal value for which cos(𝜃) = 0.88. We can use the inverse cosine function to find the principal value of 𝜃.

So, 𝜃 = cos^(-1)(0.88)

Using a calculator, the principal value of 𝜃 to two decimal places is approximately 26.57 degrees.

Then, to find other solutions, we will use the periodic nature of the cosine function. The general solutions for the equation cos(𝜃) = 0.88, in the domain of all real numbers, are:

𝜃 ≈ 26.57° + 360°k, 𝜃 ≈ -26.57° + 360°k,

where k is any integer.

cos(θ)=0.88Solved Solve cos(x) = -0.88 on 0 < x < 2π There are two |

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