Most Statutory Mergers Must Be Approved By The Question 45

According to the text, a long form merger requires compliance with Section IV(A) ("One-Step: Statutory Merger") and state laws, which may require withdrawal of a merged company. In addition, target company shareholders must follow federal regulations when voting to approve the merger. A statutory merger involves one company absorbing another, and not all mergers require a premerger filing if they meet certain criteria. After the merger plan is approved, articles of merger must be filed with the department. A short-form merger does not require approval from subsidiary stockholders, but must follow state statutes. The board of both the acquiring and target company must adopt a resolution to approve the merger.

Most statutory mergers must be approved by the shareholders of the merging and surviving corporations. This approval is a crucial part of the process and ensures that the interests of the stakeholders are taken into consideration when major corporate changes are being made.

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