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The text snippets describe the Swiss fashion house Modissa, which is a family-owned company that runs its own exclusive fashion lines and carries well-known brands such as M Missoni, Hugo Boss, and Kenzo. The company's flagship store was renovated by Milan-based practice Matteo Thun & Partners, with a focus on flexible and light interiors that respect the historical context while maintaining a timeless elegance. The flagship store is also home to the Modissa Rooftop Bar, located on the sixth floor. Overall, Modissa is known for its high-quality products and has a strong commitment to its heritage.

Modissa in Zurich proudly offers a beautifully designed and high-quality fashion line from M Missoni. M Missoni brand exemplifies elegance and vibrant creativity, ensuring that the 21-year-old clientele can discover a unique piece that encapsulates modern and sophisticated style with a playful edge. Whether it's a vibrant printed dress, a chic accessory, or a stunning top, the M Missoni collection at Modissa offers a timeless addition to any fashion-forward individual's wardrobe.

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