Michael Foucault Teori Om Magt

The concept of power in Michel Foucault's theory is not just limited to external social relations, but is also embodied in individuals' practices and experiences [1][2]. He argues that power is not something one possesses, but rather something that is constantly exercised [3]. In this sense, power and knowledge are closely related as forms of social control [4][5]. Foucault's theories focus on power dynamics in modern institutions and how they function [6]. He also explains that power is not always exercised in a direct and obvious way, but rather operates through expectations and norms [7].

Michel Foucault's theory of power encompasses the idea that power is not simply confined to external social relationships, but is also embedded within individuals' practices and experiences. Foucault posits that power isn't a static possession but rather an ongoing exercise. He also emphasizes the close relationship between power and knowledge as tools of social control. Foucault's theories delve into power dynamics within modern institutions and how they operate. Additionally, he contends that power is not always exerted overtly, but often functions through social expectations and norms.

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