Mesopotamian Mythology: The Great Goddess 1. What Number Is Associated

Inanna, also known as Ištar, was a highly revered goddess in the ancient Mesopotamian pantheon. She was associated with love, war, fertility, beauty, sex, divine law, and political power. The Canonical Temple List mentions seventy-nine temples dedicated to her across Mesopotamia. Inanna was depicted as the queen of the seven temples of Sumer and the queen of animals. The Eanna District, dedicated to her, was a holy site in Uruk. Inanna's temple, located in the city of Uruk, was among the most famous and sacred sites honoring her. She was worshipped not only by the Sumerians, but also by other peoples in the region, including the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians. The Sumerian goddess Inana was believed to be represented by the number 15 in the numerical system of ancient Mesopotamia.

The number 15 is associated with several aspects of Inanna: she abandons 15 temples, gathers 15 ME, the underworld has 15 gates, and 15 milk churns belong to Dumuzi in Mesopotamian mythology.

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