Meilleur Podcast De Videos Jazz Aux Usa

This text is describing various jazz podcasts that are available for listeners. The first text snippet highlights the main focus of the podcasts which is to provide tips, interviews, stories, and advice for improving jazz musicianship. The second snippet is from one particular jazz podcast and gives a brief overview of what listeners can expect from it. The third snippet is an interview with the head coach of the Utah Jazz, adding a unique perspective to the podcast. The fourth snippet is from a podcast that focuses exclusively on providing music advice to music students. The fifth snippet lists a popular podcast that plays smooth jazz instrumentals and discusses a range of jazz-related topics. The sixth snippet mentions a podcast that discusses jazz history and features interviews with jazz musicians. The seventh snippet is a call to action for listeners to support the podcast financially. The eighth snippet features a podcast that combines discussions on fine wine and quality guitars. The ninth snippet lists a collection of podcasts that discuss Americana and roots music. And the final snippet highlights a podcast that shares audio journalism and storytelling about various topics, including jazz.

Voici quelques-uns des meilleurs podcasts vidéo de jazz aux États-Unis :

  1. "You'll Hear It" – Ce podcast offre des conseils, des interviews, des histoires et des conseils pour améliorer le jeu des musiciens de jazz.

  2. "The Checkout" – Ce podcast propose une série de vidéos mettant en lumière la scène jazz contemporaine, les artistes, les labels, et plus encore.

  3. "The Sound of Jazz" – Ce podcast couvre l'histoire du jazz ainsi que des interviews avec des musiciens de jazz.

J'espère que cela vous aidera à trouver un podcast qui corresponde à vos intérêts !

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