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Apple Pay and Google Pay are both popular and useful options for making mobile payments in person and online. They have some differences, such as Apple Pay being known for being easier to use and having more features, while Google Pay has been around longer and is accepted at more places. Both apps use RFID technology to securely transmit payment information, which has contributed to Apple Pay's higher adoption rate. Additionally, the choice between Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay often depends on the type of phone a person has.

Here's a comparison table of Google Pay and Apple Pay:

| Feature | Google Pay | Apple Pay | |------------------------|------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------| | Availability | Available on Android and iOS devices. | Available exclusively on Apple devices. | | In-store Payments | Accepted at various NFC-enabled terminals| Accepted at NFC terminals and most retailers | | Online Payments | Available for online purchases | Available for online purchases | | Peer-to-peer Payments | Available | Available | | Loyalty and Rewards | Supported through Google Pay Rewards | Supported through Apple's Wallet app | | Security | Uses tokenization technology for security| Uses tokenization technology for security |

Both Google Pay and Apple Pay offer their services for free. However, there might be fees associated with using certain cards or transferring money to a debit card.

As for an article detailing the services, you can find numerous articles comparing Google Pay and Apple Pay. One such article can be found on the website "CNET." It provides insights into the ease of use, security, reliability, and other important factors for both services.

If I were to set up an online store, I would choose Google Pay because of its wide availability across both Android and iOS devices. This ensures that a larger customer base can access and use the payment method, potentially increasing sales.

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