Make A List Of 10 Equine Therapy Centers In North

The text describes several therapeutic riding centers in North Carolina that offer equine-assisted activities and therapies to children and adults with challenges. These centers strive to build hope, increase self-esteem, and enhance joy and inspiration for life. They also specialize in counseling and use horse-riding as a way to promote growth and development in individuals. These centers are based in various locations and have been serving their communities for several years through the help of dedicated volunteers and board members. Their mission is to enable individuals to reach their full potential through equine-assisted activities and therapies in a safe and caring environment.

Here are 10 equine therapy centers in North Carolina:

  1. BREC's Farr Park Equestrian Center
  2. GAIT Inc.
  3. Shining Hope Farms - Charlotte
  4. Horse Hugs Program
  5. Horse and Buddy
  6. Great & Small Therapeutic Riding
  7. Lead a Horse to Water
  8. New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding
  9. Peppermint Farms
  10. Horses for Hope

These centers offer therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities as part of their commitment to providing support and healing for individuals with various challenges.

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