Listin Bulletpoints Of 30 Shops And Department Stores In Zurich

Zurich is known for its diverse shopping experiences, from traditional department stores to trendy boutiques and vintage shops. Some popular locations include Hauptbahnhof, Glatt Shopping Centre, and the ARTBOX.GALLERY. Many of these places have been mentioned in various reviews and roundups of the best shopping spots in Zurich. While not on the same level as cities like London or Milan, Zurich still has a strong reputation as a shopping destination. The oldest department store, Jelmoli, offers a range of products from fashion to home goods. Switzerland may not be the most affordable place to shop, but there are still unique treasures to be found in the city's Old Town, both traditional and modern.

Here are 30 diverse shops and department stores in Zurich that a 21-year-old might find interesting:

  1. Hauptbahnhof
  2. Glatt Shopping Centre
  4. Jelmoli
  5. Old Town boutiques
  6. Bahnhofstrasse shops
  7. Modissa
  8. PKZ Women
  9. PKZ Men
  10. Grieder
  11. Zara
  12. H&M
  13. Urban Outfitters
  14. Bershka
  15. Weekday
  16. COS
  17. Massimo Dutti
  18. Niederdorf boutiques
  19. Globus
  20. Manor
  21. Schild
  22. Storchen Zürich
  23. Bikini Mitte
  24. Soeder
  25. Viadukt
  26. Frau Gerolds Garten
  27. Freitag Flagship Store
  28. Langstrasse vintage shops
  29. Bullerei
  30. Im Viadukt

These places offer a wide range of shopping experiences, from traditional department stores to trendy boutiques, and vintage shops, catering to various interests and styles.

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