List The Specific Policies Barry R. Posen Outlines In The

In his article, "Pull Back: The Case for a Less Activist Foreign Policy," Barry Posen argues for the United States to adopt a grand strategy of restraint in the 21st century. This strategy would involve stepping back from its current position as a global superpower and focusing on its own interests rather than trying to control global affairs. Posen cites examples of other grand strategies, including isolationism, and emphasizes the need for the US to update its current approach. He also discusses competing visions for US grand strategy and the importance of considering sources of American foreign policy.

I couldn't find a direct list of specific policies outlined by Barry R. Posen in "Pull Back: The Case for a Less Activist Foreign Policy." However, based on his general approach of advocating for a grand strategy of restraint, it can be inferred that his suggested policies would likely involve reducing military interventions in foreign conflicts, reevaluating the extent of American global military presence, and focusing more on core national interests. This approach would likely also involve a shift towards diplomacy and negotiation as the primary means of achieving foreign policy objectives, as well as a reevaluation of international alliances and commitments to ensure they align with core national interests.

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