Liberalism Peacebuilding

The text discusses the concept of peacebuilding in conflict-prone and post-conflict countries, and how liberal concepts are a strong basis for understanding and assessing its successes. The liberal peacebuilding model advocates for democratic governance, minimal state intervention, and support for individual freedoms. However, there is increasing recognition for the need for a post-liberal, emancipatory approach that embraces both liberal and indigenous perspectives. This approach assumes that the transformation to peace, democracy, and market economy is self-strengthening and leads to sustainable development. The article also introduces the 'perpetual peacebuilding' paradigm and discusses the importance of distinguishing between justified and unjustified criticisms in promoting a more effective and inclusive peacebuilding process. The use of a hybrid peacebuilding model, incorporating both liberal and grassroots civil society actors, is proposed as a way to avoid the subsuming of indigenous perspectives by the dominant liberal approach.

Liberalism and peacebuilding are intertwined in the sense that liberal principles often form the basis for peacebuilding efforts. The liberal peacebuilding model typically advocates for democratic governance, limited state intervention, and the promotion of individual freedoms. However, there's a growing recognition of the need for a more inclusive approach that integrates both liberal and indigenous perspectives. This post-liberal, emancipatory approach aims to achieve sustainable peace, democracy, and economic development. Additionally, there's a call for a hybrid peacebuilding model that incorporates liberal elements with the participation of grassroots civil society actors to ensure that indigenous perspectives are not overshadowed by dominant liberal approaches.

New Perspectives on Liberal PeacebuildingA Liberal Peace?: The Problems and Practices of Peacebuilding ...

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