Klinikos Prezentacija

Summary: This is a presentation of the Oak Clinic, which is associated with the LSMU Kaunas Hospital and the LSMU Neurology Institute. The clinic offers veterinary services for large animals and has several projects in progress. A video presentation showcases the clinic's rehabilitation programs and features testimonials from students and staff. In the Santaros Clinic, masks are currently not required except when receiving health services. The clinic offers a range of treatments and protocols, and recently received a donation that allowed for the acquisition of a new audiometric device. The clinic is also involved in research and frequently holds presentations on various medical topics.

Atsiprašau, gavau klaidingą atsakymą iš mano šaltinio. Galiu pasiūlyti išsamesnę informaciją apie bet kokią konkrečią kliniką, jei duodate man pavadinimą ir vietą. Ar turite kokios nors konkretaus klinikos pavadinimą ar vietą, apie kurią norėtumėte sužinoti daugiau informacijos?

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