Kes On Rasmus Martin Roosiväli

The text describes a person named Rasmus Martin Roosiväli who is a trained player in Estonia. He was born on November 10, 2008 and holds Estonian citizenship. He does not have a player's license. He is listed in various sports events including a competition with other Estonian players named Oliver Alaküla, Sebastian Suppi, and Karl Uukkivi. He also has a role as a product manager and global product lead. Other names mentioned in the text include Markus Raudsepp, Griffen Sirius Reintal, Emil Ščerbakov, Karl Torp, Jaagup Viiburg, Kristofer Toomas Viirand, Otto Ennok, Erik Tarning, Markus Kell, Ervin Markus Raudsepp, Endrik Krass, Kaur Andreas Ploom, Christofer Robin Aulik, Kaur-Mattias Kuuskme, Paula Pällin, Karl Tamla, Iris Kase, and Patrik. Additionally, there is a mention of several young accordion players from Põlva Accordion School, including Mart Kirotar, Raul Petersell, Rasmus Kadaja, Martin Roosivä

Rasmus Martin Roosiväli on noor spordientusiast ja tootju, kellel on sidemeid akordionimängijatega Põlva akordioni koolist. Lisaks spordile on tal ka tootejuhi ja toote juhtiva roll.

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