Kan Du Gjøre Det Samme Med Dette: Kapitel3 Symbolsk Interaktionisme

According to the text snippets, the first text snippet discusses the author's personal involvement in symbolic interactionism and its impact on their thinking. The second text snippet mentions Jan Trost's work with symbolic interactionism and their book in Norwegian on the subject. The third text snippet discusses the intersection of the definition of family and social realities as seen through the framework of symbolic interactionism. The fourth text snippet discusses the concept of Living Apart Together (LAT) relationships as identified by Irene Levin. The fifth text snippet discusses symbolic interactionism as a social perspective, as argued by Irene Levin and Jan Trost. The sixth text snippet introduces the concept of silence, as discussed by Irene Levin and further elaborated on by Irena Juozeliūnien and Jan Trost. The final text snippet discusses the theoretical origins of symbolic interactionism and visual family research methodology, as explored by researchers Jan Trost and Irene Levin.

Baseret på informationerne fra de tekstuddrag, har Jan Trost og Irene Levin arbejdet med emnet symbolsk interaktionisme og dets anvendelse i analyser af den sociale virkelighed. De har også diskuteret begreber som definitionen af familie, Living Apart Together (LAT) forhold, socialt perspektiv og forskningsmetodologi inden for symbolsk interaktionisme. Hvordan kan jeg hjælpe dig videre med dette?

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