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In a recent study, it was found that the vast majority of participants (over 98%) reported moderate to high levels of positive compassion satisfaction, while only a small number of nurses (ten) reported low levels. Low levels of day-to-day accomplishment have been linked to negative self-esteem, feelings of incapacity, and low effectiveness at work. Another study discovered that CS, BO, and STS levels were relatively high (39.44, 29.85, and 23.96, respectively), with low, moderate, and high scores being classified as ≥ 57, 43-56, and ≤ 43, respectively. Previous research has shown that a poor work environment can influence ProQOL, while high levels of CS have been associated with low levels of CF. In a nonexperimental study, it was found that compassion and burnout scores were mainly low to moderate. Low ProQOL among nursing students has been linked to an increase in the levels of CS, BO, and STS. Overall, low-level burnout and moderate-high compassion satisfaction were common in BSN students (according to the used scale), but it should be noted that the study only surveyed students.

Recent research has indeed pointed to concerns about the professional quality of life (ProQOL) scores of student nurses. Specifically, studies have found that student nurses, particularly those in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs, commonly reported low to moderate levels of burnout (BO) and moderate to high levels of compassion satisfaction (CS).

One study found that over 98% of student nurses reported moderate to high levels of CS, while only a small number reported low levels. Additionally, another study indicated relatively high levels of CS, BO, and secondary traumatic stress (STS) among student nurses.

These findings suggest that it is important to address the professional quality of life of student nurses, as it can have implications for their well-being and effectiveness in their roles. If you require access to specific research papers, feel free to let me know, and I can assist further.

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