It States That Green Packaging Has Gained Attention In Recent

The impact of green packaging on consumer purchase decisions in Ghana was not significant, according to a study. However, the study did reveal that plastic packaging is the most common post-consumer waste in the country. The research focuses on the influence of product packaging on the purchasing intention of Made-In-Ghana brands, specifically Agbeve Herbal Centre Products. It also examines the factors that influence consumers to choose environmentally friendly packaging options. The study found that intensity of green packaging, green branding, and importance of green products all have a significant effect on consumer behavior.

The prevalence of green packaging has indeed attracted attention, with many businesses adapting their packaging to be more environmentally friendly. While this trend is gaining momentum globally, there has been limited research focused on exploring the specific impact of green packaging, environmental awareness, and willingness to pay for eco-friendly products on consumer purchase decisions, particularly within the food manufacturing sector in Ghana.

This research seeks to bridge this knowledge gap by investigating the influence of green packaging on consumer behavior in the context of the food manufacturing industry in Ghana. By examining the relationship between environmental consciousness, the preference for green products, and the actual purchasing decisions of consumers, this study aims to provide insights into the dynamics of consumer choices and the potential impact of green packaging on their purchase behavior. Additionally, this research endeavors to shed light on the specific factors influencing consumer decision-making and the extent to which environmental considerations play a role in their purchasing habits within the Ghanaian food manufacturing sector.

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