Israel Hamas War Who All Are Involved

In October 2023, a war erupted between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian militant group committed to the destruction of Israel. The fierce urban combat between the two sides has resulted in numerous casualties and severe damage, leading to a dire humanitarian crisis. Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas and designated a terrorist group by the UK, is at the center of the conflict. The situation is having widespread effects, with neighboring countries such as Egypt and Iran-backed groups like Hezbollah also becoming involved. The war was sparked by a surprise attack launched by Hamas on October 7, 2023.

The Israel-Hamas conflict involves several parties. Primarily, it is a confrontation between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian militant organization. However, the conflict has far-reaching implications, drawing in various regional actors and groups. Gaza, controlled by Hamas, is a focal point of the strife. Additionally, neighboring countries like Egypt and Iran-backed groups such as Hezbollah have also become entangled in the situation. This multi-faceted involvement has created a complex and tense geopolitical scenario in the region.

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