Is There A High Risk Of Reoccurrence After Proper Superficial

The text discusses the risk factors and challenges associated with the recurrence of pleomorphic adenoma, a common benign salivary gland tumor. Features such as intraoperative rupture and presence of satellite nodules can increase the risk of recurrence. Proper surgical removal is crucial to prevent reoccurrence. One case study showed a patient with reoccurrence and later diagnosed with metastatic cancer. In addition, the text mentions the importance of careful treatment to avoid facial nerve injury and seeding of the tumor. Despite challenges, surgical removal is the preferred option for pleomorphic adenoma. Late diagnosis and advanced stage can result in a high risk of reoccurrence and low survival rates. The text also shares a case study of a rare occurrence of pleomorphic adenoma in the buccal minor salivary gland.

After a proper superficial parotidectomy to remove a pleomorphic adenoma, the risk of reoccurrence is generally low. However, factors such as incomplete removal, presence of satellite nodules, and intraoperative rupture can increase the risk of recurrence. Proper surgical technique and thorough removal of the tumor are crucial in minimizing the risk of reoccurrence. It's important to follow up with your healthcare provider for regular check-ups to monitor for any signs of reoccurrence.

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