Is The Certificate Provided By The Enneagram Training Accredited By

All Enneagram faculty and sponsoring individuals must be current IEA Accredited in order to apply for an Accredited Training Program (ATP). The IEA Accreditation Program offers a variety of training options, including National Affiliate programs and Accredited Enneagram Schools. Accredited Training Programs are rigorously reviewed and approved by the IEA Accreditation Committee. Accredited Professionals, who have extensive knowledge and experience in using the Enneagram, are also recognized by the IEA. The Narrative Enneagram is an IEA Accredited School with Distinction that aims to advance human consciousness through their educational programs. The International Enneagram Association serves as a hub for Enneagram learning and connection. Some IEA Accredited Enneagram Schools include Aephoria Partners PTY LTD and CERTIFICACION INTERNACIONAL EN ENEAGRAMA APLICADO - PEOPLE POTENTIAL.

Yes, The Enneagram Training accreditation is indeed recognized by the International Enneagram Association (IEA). The IEA has a rigorous Accreditation Program that includes reviewing and approving Accredited Training Programs (ATP). This means that the certificate provided by The Enneagram Training should be accredited by the IEA and recognized internationally.

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