Is Sonoma Or Monterey More Recent?

In 2023, Apple released a new version of macOS called Sonoma, which promises faster speeds and improved energy efficiency compared to the previous version, Monterey. Sonoma also includes updates to search results and quality-of-life features. Users are recommended to update to Sonoma, as it offers better performance than Monterey and has fewer bugs than Big Sur. Ventura has been replaced by Sonoma, with plans for no future updates. The 2023 comparison of Sonoma, Monterey, and Ventura reveals that Sonoma is more cost-effective and takes up slightly more space than Ventura. Sonoma includes new features such as desktop widgets, dynamic screensavers, and a game mode. Performance tests show that Sonoma performs better than Monterey. It is uncertain whether users should update to Sonoma immediately.

Sonoma is more recent than Monterey. It's the latest version of macOS released by Apple, offering faster speeds, improved energy efficiency, and various new features compared to Monterey. If you have the option, updating to Sonoma would provide you with the latest enhancements and performance improvements.

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