Is Glycine A Banned Substance?

Prohibited substances in this class are considered Specified Substances and beta-blockers are only prohibited in competition for certain sports. Schools are required to provide drug education for student-athletes according to NCAA Bylaws. The use of anabolic-androgenic steroids and other performance-enhancing substances is strongly discouraged by the WIAA. Student-athletes should be aware that supplement products may contain banned substances that are not listed on the label. While stimulants are only banned in competition, the use of beta 2 selective substances is also prohibited except for specific exceptions. Creatine supplementation has unknown long-term consequences and is not recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. DHEA and other anabolic steroids are also banned by the US FDA for testing purposes.

Glycine is not generally considered a banned substance in sports. It is an amino acid and is not typically on the list of prohibited substances. However, it's crucial for athletes to check the specific anti-doping regulations for the particular sporting organization or competition to ensure any supplement or substance they use is within the allowed parameters.

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