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South-South cooperation is a form of technical cooperation between developing countries in the Global South, often facilitated by the United Nations. It focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as economic integration to improve financial resources for developing countries through regional development banks. South-South cooperation is seen as vital for exchanging best practices, promoting mutual support, and contributing to sustained economic growth. The approach involves a multi-stakeholder approach, including non-governmental organizations, and is viewed as an effective way to promote development by organizations like the UNDP. It is recognized as playing a crucial role in addressing global challenges and shaping a better future. The practice is being evaluated and studied using different disciplinary and theoretical approaches, such as comparative and international education, and comparative policy.

The UN South-South Cooperation seeks to mitigate some of the issues associated with the dependency approach through various means. By fostering technical cooperation and collaboration among developing countries in the Global South, it reduces the reliance on traditional, often Western-dominated, aid and assistance.

This form of cooperation encourages the exchange of best practices, knowledge, and resources between developing countries, aiming to build self-reliance and expertise. It provides an opportunity for nations to engage in mutual support, share experiences, and jointly address common challenges, thus lessening the dependency on external aid and expertise.

Furthermore, by promoting economic integration and regional development, the South-South Cooperation can enhance financial resources for developing countries through initiatives such as regional development banks, mitigating the economic dependency often associated with the traditional aid model.

In summary, the South-South Cooperation, facilitated by the UN, offers a platform for countries in the Global South to collaborate and support each other, reducing their dependence on external aid and expertise and promoting self-reliance and sustainable development.

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