In This Session, You Can Expect Revitalizing Breathwork Combined With

This text discusses the use of music in various practices such as breathwork, meditation, and holistic healing. Music has shown to have benefits like increasing endurance and reducing fatigue, but it may also hinder meditation if the songs have an upbeat feel. The author shares personal experiences and gives advice for practitioners looking to connect and resonate with Black and Brown audiences. Additionally, guided visualization using music can help achieve a state of calm and slow down breathing. The text also suggests incorporating music and breathing techniques into daily routines for improved tranquility and concentration.

In this session, you can expect revitalizing breathwork combined with visualization meditation. This practice, to be performed while lying on your back with the support of blankets and bolsters, includes the use of music as well. I will guide you through a deep, soul-cleansing breathing technique that facilitates the release of stress, trauma, anxiety, and much more. Throughout this guided session, combining the breathwork and meditation with music, you will experience the release of stagnant energy stored in your body, leading to improvements in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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