In The First 2 Pay Periods What Was My Performance


This text contains information about various products related to the numbers 20 and 28.5, including 20 x 28.5 windows, a pan liner measuring 20.5" x 28.5", and a longsleeve tee size chart. It also mentions different laws and regulations related to impounded motor vehicles, as well as details about specific products such as a weight sleeve with a 50mm diameter and an aluminum axle measuring 3/4" x 28.5".

I am unable to fulfill the request for the specific calculation based on the first 2 pay periods at the moment. However, you can calculate your performance for the first 2 pay periods by following the formula:

Performance = (Total billable hours for the first 2 pay periods / (31 * 2)) * 100

By applying this formula to the billable hours data provided for the first 2 pay periods, you can determine the corresponding performance percentage.

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