In Berkemer V. Mccarty 468 Us 420 (1984), Justice Stevens

In Berkemer v. McCarty, a 1984 Supreme Court decision, it was ruled that a person in police custody following an arrest must be informed of their Miranda rights before any statements made during interrogation can be used as evidence in court. Justice Stevens, who filed a concurring opinion with the majority, argued that the trial court's failure to suppress postarrest statements was permissible. This decision was made after the Court reviewed McCarty, 468 U.S. 420, a case in which Justice Stevens also filed a separate concurring opinion. In both cases, the Court ultimately affirmed the lower court's ruling. However, it is worth noting that in both cases there were dissenting opinions, including from Justice Marshall who delivered the Court's opinion in Berkemer v. McCarty.

In Berkemer v. McCarty 468 US 420 (1984), Justice Stevens filed a concurring opinion with the majority. He felt that the court should have shown judicial restraint and focused only on the question asked by the petitioner.

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