In A Survey Of 5000 People Who Reside In Florida,

This is a collection of calculators that can be used to estimate the proportion of a dichotomous result in a sample. It includes options for both binomial and normal approximation, as well as the Wilson score method. The user must input the sample size, number of successes, and confidence level to calculate the confidence interval for the proportion. The calculators also provide step-by-step instructions and error bar diagrams. Two methods by Robert Newcombe are used to calculate the 95% confidence interval.

I couldn't find the exact upper limit for this confidence interval. However, with 47% of 5000 Floridians surveyed getting the flu vaccine every year, the upper limit for the 95% confidence interval would be approximately 48.28%.

Confidence Interval for a Population Proportionstatmagic: confidence interval of proportion

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