In "the India Way: Strategies For An Uncertain World," Renowned

The India Way, written by S. Jaishankar, India's Minister of External Affairs, delves into the challenges facing India as it strives towards becoming a major global power. Jaishankar explores India's search for its unique global identity and lays out potential policy responses to navigate the turbulent times. Against the backdrop of India's rise, the book highlights emerging dimensions in its foreign policy and emphasizes the need to align it with key global trends. The author presents a compelling argument for the United States and India to work together for their mutual interests, as demonstrated by the transformation of the world order in the decade from the 2008 financial crisis to the 2020 pandemic. The India Way is a significant read for anyone interested in understanding and shaping the future of global politics.

"The India Way" by S. Jaishankar is a book that resonates with insightful themes crucial for understanding India's evolving role in the global landscape. The author's distinguished background and profound knowledge of international relations lend weight to his analysis, making this book an authoritative resource for comprehending the global balance of power, India's foreign policy, and potential strategic approaches amidst current challenges.

Key Themes:

  1. A Shifting World Order: Jaishankar adeptly articulates the significant shifts in the global balance of power, emphasizing the need for India to adapt and strategically navigate this transforming landscape.

  2. Strategic Autonomy: The book lays emphasis on the criticality of India maintaining the independence to chart its own course, thus stressing the importance of developing its capabilities and fostering partnerships.

  3. Multi-Alignment: Advocating for a multi-aligned foreign policy, Jaishankar highlights the imperative for India to cultivate partnerships with a variety of countries, showcasing the need for strategic positioning and fostering global ties.

  4. Focus on the Indo-Pacific: The book underscores the growing significance of the Indo-Pacific region, advocating for India to play a more active role in shaping this evolving geopolitical arena.

  5. Redefining India's Image: Jaishankar propounds the necessity for India to project itself as a confident and capable global leader, highlighting the importance of a redefined global perception.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

The book's strengths include Jaishankar's authoritative insights, clear and concise writing style, and comprehensive coverage of diverse issues in India's foreign policy. However, it is criticized for its limited focus on domestic issues and an overly optimistic outlook on India's future.


Despite its limitations, "The India Way" presents a valuable roadmap for India's future as a rising power and significantly contributes to the understanding of India's foreign policy. The ongoing debate sparked by the book underscores its importance and the thought-provoking issues it raises.

Additional Points:

"The India Way" was published in 2020, preceding the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent geopolitical shifts, thus anticipating how Jaishankar's views may evolve in light of these developments is of great interest.

Overall, "The India Way" is a compelling read for anyone interested in understanding India's foreign policy and its role in the global arena, providing valuable insights and contributing to the broader debate on the future of international relations.

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