Iit Is Held Delhi High Court ,a Tenant May Have

In summary, the text snippets mention various legal scenarios and remedies related to property and rental laws in India. It discusses the relevance of unregistered rent deeds in landlord-tenant relationships, and the option for seeking relief in civil court for grievances regarding cancellation deeds. It also mentions the possibility of cancelling a sale deed and the need for a court order for such action. Additionally, it mentions a specific case involving possession of a property after lease termination and a lawsuit seeking partition and cancellation of a sale deed. The snippets also highlight the power of landlords to file eviction suits against tenants based on valid reasons. Overall, the snippets pertain to legal procedures and properties in the Indian context.

Based on the search results, it appears that Delhi High Court has addressed the circumstance where a tenant may have the right to file a suit for cancellation of a sale deed against a trust under certain conditions. However, for specific details and the full context of this judgment, it is advisable to directly access the official judgment or consult with a legal expert who can provide the necessary legal insights and specifics related to this topic.

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