If The Equation Is Plotted On A Semilog Scale Graph,

To create a semi-log graph, first enter X and Y values in an XY table. Then, double click on an axis in the graph and select "Format Axis" to bring up the dialog. Choose "Analyze" and select the appropriate scale. When plotting exponential functions on semi-log paper, the data appears as a straight line. This type of graph, which has one logarithmic and one linear axis, is known as a semi-logarithmic graph. Another type of graph, the log-log graph, has both axes on a logarithmic scale.

When plotting the equation (y = ae^{bx}) on a semilog scale graph, where (x) is linear and (y) is logarithmic, the linearized version of the equation will be (ln(y) = bx + ln(a)). Here,

(m = b) (b = ln(a))

This transformation allows for the visualization of an exponential relationship as a linear one on the semilog scale graph.

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