If The Chi Test Is .935

This text is discussing multiple calculators that can be used to generate a P-value from a chi-square score. The calculators range from a simple one for a chi-square distribution to a more detailed one that allows for input of various statistical measures and tests. They all aim to help determine the statistical significance of the results from a chi-square test.

It seems there's a bit of confusion. A chi-squared test statistic by itself doesn't provide information about the statistical significance or the p-value. To interpret the chi-squared test results, the associated p-value is needed. This p-value would be compared to a predetermined significance level, often 0.05, to decide whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis.

If you have the degrees of freedom for the chi-squared test and the dataset, I can assist in calculating the associated p-value and help interpret the statistical significance of the result. Alternatively, using a statistical package or an online calculator specifically designed for chi-squared tests will yield the necessary p-value.

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