If I’m Traveling From New York To Mexico For 10

According to the text, dogs are not allowed to enter the United States without a valid rabies vaccination and microchip record. Puppies may enter the US if they have a health certificate and seem healthy, but certain rules vary depending on their intended use. Dogs that have been in high-risk countries are subject to inspection upon arrival, while those coming from non-high-rabies countries do not require a vaccination and microchip record. However, it is still recommended. Cats and dogs may be taken to the border without a health certificate, but will be inspected upon arrival. The United States does not require a microchip unless the dog is coming from a high-risk rabies country. Planning ahead is important to ensure your dog clears the border and there are no exceptions for any dogs entering the US.

Yes, if you are traveling to Mexico from New York and then returning to the United States with your dog, the dog will need a microchip. According to the regulations, dogs are required to have a valid rabies vaccination and microchip record to re-enter the USA from Mexico. While there are some exceptions based on the dog's origin and health, it is generally recommended to have the microchip to ensure a smooth re-entry into the United States for your dog.

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