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To set up a new camera for landscape photography, there are several important settings to consider. First, enable MF Peaking Settings to make manual focusing easier and faster. Next, adjust the Touch & drag AF settings to your preference and consider turning off JPEG and shooting in RAW. For landscape shots, it's recommended to use an ISO of 100 and adjust shutter speed and aperture accordingly. Additionally, for more vibrant colors, increase the Contrast and Saturation in your settings. Overall, these settings will help you capture the best landscape shots with your Canon EOS R5 or R6. A helpful tip is to use the Touch & drag AF feature, especially if you are wearing gloves, as it is fast and responsive.

When setting up your Canon R5 for landscape photography, there are several key settings to consider. To start, enable the MF Peaking settings, which will help make manual focusing easier and faster, a handy feature when precision focusing is essential for landscape shots. Additionally, adjust the Touch & Drag AF settings to your preference, as this can significantly impact the ease of focusing.

Another important consideration is the image format. It's advisable to shoot in RAW rather than JPEG. RAW files contain much more data and allow for greater flexibility in post-processing, which is crucial for landscape photography.

In terms of exposure settings, begin by setting your ISO to 100 for optimal image quality. Then adjust your shutter speed and aperture according to the specific lighting conditions and creative preferences for your shot. Keep in mind, smaller apertures (higher f-stop numbers) are often preferred for landscapes to achieve a deeper depth of field and sharper overall image.

Furthermore, consider adjusting the Contrast and Saturation settings to bring out vibrant colors in your landscape photos.

With these settings carefully arranged, you'll be well-equipped to capture stunning landscape shots using your Canon R5. Don't forget to explore and experiment with these settings to find the combination that best suits your unique style and the individual characteristics of each landscape you encounter.

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