I Want The Most Search Topics Tag On Youtube Video

According to data from 2023, the top searched keyword on YouTube globally is "ASMR" with 67.3 million searches, while in the United States, "PewDiePie" is the most popular with 4.57 million searches. Additionally, "beautyskin," "beautyhacks," and "skincarereview" are among the most used tags for fashion and beauty channels on YouTube. In 2022, "ukraine," "pink venom," and "duy beni" were the top searches on YouTube, while "pewdiepie" and "bts" remain popular worldwide. Music videos, entertainment, gaming, and educational videos are consistently searched for and viewed on YouTube. Popular hashtags for fashion and beauty content include #fashionstyle, #makeupvideo, and #beautytips.

Here are some of the most searched topics and tags for YouTube videos:

  1. ASMR
  2. PewDiePie
  3. BeautySkin
  4. BeautyHacks
  5. SkincareReview
  6. Ukraine
  7. Pink Venom
  8. Duy Beni
  9. BTS
  10. Music Videos
  11. Entertainment
  12. Gaming
  13. Educational Videos
  14. FashionStyle
  15. MakeupVideo
  16. BeautyTips

Consider using these popular tags to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos.

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