I Need To Truncate A Timestamp Into Month And Year

In this text, the author explains different SQL commands and functions that are useful for extracting and grouping data by certain time frames, such as year, month, and quarter. They mention using commands like ORDER BY, DATE_TRUNC, and EXTRACT to manipulate and display date and timestamp information. Additionally, they provide examples of how to use these functions in various SQL servers like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, mySQL, Athena, and others.

To truncate a timestamp into month and year using PostgreSQL, you can use the DATE_TRUNC function. Here's an example of how to accomplish this:

SELECT DATE_TRUNC('month', your_timestamp_column) AS truncated_month,
       DATE_TRUNC('year', your_timestamp_column) AS truncated_year
FROM your_table_name;

Replace "your_timestamp_column" with the name of your timestamp column and "your_table_name" with the name of your table. This query will retrieve the truncated month and year values from the timestamp column in the specified table.

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