I Need To Definerisk Stratification And Use It In The

Risk stratification is a process used by clinicians to ensure appropriate care and allocate limited resources efficiently. This involves categorizing patients into low, medium, or high-risk groups based on various factors, such as chronic conditions and past health issues. Risk stratification is a dynamic process that takes into account changes in a patient's clinical condition over time. Its purpose is to improve overall health outcomes by directing care according to a patient's risk status.

Risk stratification is a method used by healthcare providers to categorize individuals into different risk groups based on their health status and other relevant factors. This enables healthcare providers to identify and target members who require specific care interventions. In the context you provided, the system includes risk stratification tools that allow healthcare providers to assess the risk profiles of racial and ethnic minorities and other vulnerable members in real-time. This enables community-based organizations and hospitals to determine individual risk profiles and tailor care interventions accordingly.

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